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Jeremy Lin–the Most Surprising Story in NBA

Jeremy Lin, born on August 23, 1988 (age 24), likes Chinese cheap clothing, and is a Chinese American professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

After receiving no athletic scholarship offers out of high school and being undrafted out of Harvard University, Lin reached a partially guaranteed contract deal in 2010 with his hometown Golden State Warriors. He seldom played in his rookie season and was assigned to the NBA Development League (D-League) three times. He was waived by the Warriors and the Rockets the following preseason before joining the New York Knicks early in the 2011–12 season. He continued to play sparingly and again spent time in the D-League. In February 2012, he unexpectedly led a winning streak by New York while being promoted to the starting lineup, which generated a global following known as Linsanity. In the summer of 2012, Lin signed a three-year contract with the Rockets.

Lin is one of the few Asian Americans in NBA history, and the first American of Chinese or Taiwanese descent to play in the league. He is also known for his public expression of his Christianity.

Jeremy Lin is a household basketball player now, but his success is not easy earned however. He has tried very hard, and he was denied for dozens of times, he was waived by the basketball leagues for quite some times, but finally, his hardworking, his persistency won him the glory and success. His success proves to us once again that there is no royal road to success; to be successful you need to first be strong minded, be persistent, and never give up on yourself even when the world gives up on you.

At the Portsmouth Invitational, Lin met sports agent Roger Montgomery and later gave Montgomery a commitment. To Montgomery’s disappointment, Lin went undrafted in the 2010 NBA Draft. The NBA had not drafted an Ivy League player since Jerome Allen of Penn in the second round in 1995. The last Ivy League player to play in the NBA was Yale’s Chris Dudley in 2003, while the last Harvard player was Ed Smith in 1954. Eight teams had invited Lin to predraft workouts. Diepenbrock said that NBA tryouts do not play five on five. Lin acknowledged that the workouts were "one on one or two on two or three on three, and that’s not where I excel. I’ve never played basketball like that." Scouts saw what The New York Times later described as "a smart passer with a flawed jump shot and a thin frame, who might not have the strength and athleticism to defend, create his own shot or finish at the rim in the N.B.A." Lin joined the Dallas Mavericks for mini-camp as well as their NBA Summer League team in Las Vegas. Donnie Nelson of the Mavericks was the only General Manager who offered him an invitation to play in the Summer League. "Donnie took care of me," said Lin. "He has a different type of vision than most people do."

In five Summer League games, while playing both guard positions, Lin averaged 9.8 points, 3.2 rebounds, 1.8 assists, and 1.2 steals in 18.6 minutes per game and shot a team leading 54.5% from the floor. He outplayed first overall pick John Wall; Lin scored 13 points to Wall’s 21, but did so on 6-for-12 shooting in 28 minutes. Wall was 4-for-19 in 33 minutes. While Wall received the biggest cheer for any player during introductions, the crowd turned on Wall and was cheering for Lin by the end of the game. Lin received offers to sign from the Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, and an unnamed Eastern Conference team.

Now after so many years’ hardworking and denial, Jeremy Lin finally get recognize from the entire basketball world. He inspired hundreds and thousands of young people to persist on what they like and go all for it, sooner or later, the world will recognize you for what you have done.

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Twelfth Steps Teach You How to Choose a Good Pet Dog

Pets have already become the intimate friends among people in the modern world. Women don’t buy cheap playsuits, but save money to their pet. But most people just choose them from their appearance, in fact there are many ways can tell you to choose a good pet dog.

First, observing the dog’s breathing whose frequency should be at 10-30 per minute, and be careful about any strange voice.

Second, taking the dogs’ temperature which should be between 37.7℃—39℃, and it is abnormal if the temperature lower than 37.2℃or higher than 40℃.

Third, observing its blood. The gum will reflect the quantity breathing oxygen of blood. It is normal when it show you light red, but it will be dangerous if it is show white, blue and yellow. Then you can make a test about capillary refill, you just press its gum, and it will be change white for 1-2 second, if not, there will be some problem.

Forth, you can check its teeth. The puppies will have teeth after 4 weeks.

Fifth, you can test its heartbeat about 10 seconds, and then multiply 6. It is normal if it is between 120 and 160.

Sixth, you should know the time of dog’s eating and observe its eating condition when the dogs eat food.

Seventh, you can examine its nose. It should be soft and wet.

Eighth, you should touch its skin. It is normal if there is no blotch.

Ninth, if the dog’s belly very big and other parts are thin, there will be something wrong with it. Maybe some parasites are in it.

Tenth, you can test its temperament. a, it is difficult to manage if it is hide when you put it on the floor. b, it will be sensitive in the future if the dog kyoodle when you lift up its neck. c, you can inverted the dog for a moment. If it is resist you strongly or have no any reflection, it is not good for you.

Eleventh, ask yourself, do you really like dogs; can you put up with their noisy; can you take them do some exercises. If the answer is “yes”, Ok, you can choose one.

Twelfth, do you prepare to raise a dog, because you should pay more money on it. So you should take seriously into consideration.

Abstract: Having a pet in one’s family have already become the main stream in the modern world. But there are many people just follow the trend, and they maybe know little about pet. There are still lots of people who don’t know how to choose a pet dog. So this article will tell you some methods to choose a good dog, if you want to wear cute cheap denim shorts and have a cute pet on your side.

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Sacramento Kings will Renew the Contract with Geoff-Petrie

It is reported that the Kings will soon renew the contract with the team director of basketball operations Geoff Petrie. As the party Petrie said he was not very concerned about this.

“(For this) I do not really have too many stories to tell you” Petrie said, “This is the last thing to consider in my mind.”

Petrie said he was more concerned about the situation of the Kings. He said he likes the things Keith Smart do after take office, also said that the team will prepare for the upcoming offseason.

Petrie showed that Keith lets the team and players walk the road of continuous improvement. They have a lot of things need to continue to develop, and there are many tings to do in the free agent market before open.

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Tracy McGrady Opens Online Shop Selling Sports Goods

The seven-time All-Star players – Tracy McGrady cooperate with a company named Engager Meida, open a personal trading platform, specializing in selling McGrady personal products and other numbers of sports related products.

“When I started my career, the only way that I can interact with the fans after the game is sign for them, or do some promotional activities” McGrady said, “Now, I can always keep interacting with them”

It is reported said McGrady’s products will be sold to the fans in the form of discount.

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Kobe Bryant Was Diagnosed As Concussion

Except the diagnosis of nasal bone fracture, the Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant was also diagnosed with a concussion. Lakers said that Bryant will accept re-examination from Vern Williams, a neurologist on Wednesday, and he has been included in the daily observation.

On the last Sunday of All-Star Game, Miami Heat’s star Dwyane Wade broke Bryant nose, and after the check result show that Bryant’s nasal bone fractures, and slight concussion. After back to Los Angeles, Bryant saw the ear and throat nose experts and neurologist, then be confirmed.

In the new collective bargaining agreement, the Union makes strict rules for the concussion players back, any player was diagnosed with a concussion must complete a series of tests to ensure that he had really healthy before being allowed to re game. The doctor Williams needs to discuss with Jeffrey Kutcher, associate professor of neurology at the University of Michigan and the action officer of NBA concussion safety plan.

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Knicks General Manager: I Concerned About Lin from His College

New York Knicks temporary general manager Glen Grunwald admitted in an interview that their team had discussed whether or not to cut LinShuHao two weeks ago. Glen Grunwald show Lin well to the challenge, he said that Lin’s competitive spirit and leadership is impressive.

When talk about whether use Lin, Glen Grunwald said the team at that time was struggle. After discuss with Mike DAntoni, their team decided to start use Lin.

“We really struggle, we are constantly looking for the opportunity to allow the team to turnaround, lucky that this guy is sitting on the bench” said Glen

Glen also said that Knicks had been concerned about Lin when he was still in college. But the team still missed him on the NBA Draft. He also said that Knick and Golden State Warriors last season discussed Lin, but no result at last.

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NBA: 25 Best Rookies for the Last Decade

25 – Luis scola (2007-2008 season)
24 – O.J. Mayo (2008-2009 season)
23 – DeMarcus Cousins (2010-2011 season)
22 – Andre Iguodala(2004-2005season)
21 – Brandon-Jennings (2009-10 season)
20 – Al horford-(2007-08)
19 – Caron butler-(2002-03 season)
18 – Brooke-lopez (2008-09 season)
17 – Stephen garage (2009-10 season)
16 – Emeka-emeka okafor (2004-05)
15 – Brandon-Roy (2006-07 season)
14 – Kevin durant (2007-08)
13 – Amare Stoudemire (2002-03)
12 – Dwight Howard (2004-05)
11 – Dwyane Wade (2003-04)
10 – John Wall (2010-11)
9 – Ricky Rubio (2011-12 season)
8 – Tyreke Evans(2009-10 season)
7 – Yao Ming (2002-03 season)
6 – Carmelo Anthony (2003-04 season)
5 – Derek Ross (2008-09 season)
4 – Carey-Owen (the 2011-12 season)
3- Chris Paul (2005-06)
2 – Lebron James (2003-2004 season)
1 – Blake-griffin (2010-11 season)


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Kobe Bryant: Lakers still Has the Strength to Win

According to U.S. Yahoo! Sports record, with the injury of Kobe Bryant, and Phil Jackson and Lamar Odom’s left, the prospects for Lakers of this season is not as good. But from Kobe’s sight, Lakers still have the strength to win a championship, because they have their own Big Three.

After beat the Memphis Grizzlies, other players of Lakers have went their home. This time Kobe received a message from his coach Mike Brown, and wanted to talk with him. Then Kobe walked into Brown’s office.

For Bryant, he never worked with any coach like Brown before, because he is a person who can discuss with his players in 2:00 even 3:00. Kobe thought his coach has same character with him, so they talk what they want.

After become the coach of Lakers, Brown is very clear that the burden on his shoulders. Lakers are still in the run-in phase, but Brown is rapidly change this team to strengthen the team’s defense, and don’t let this team play triangle offense.

Although there has such big change, Kobe still thinks this team has a core point to win. Bynum, Gasol and me, who are really three All-Star players. “Lakers will be able to fight with other team base on you three?” “Yes, I think so” Bryant said, “Of course, we also need the help of other team players”.

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Messi Makes History Win the Third Successive FIFA

FIFA 2011 annual awards ceremony held at the Zurich Opera House. Messi win the third FIFA Golden Ball base on the 44.78% support vote, while C Ronaldo is 21.60% and Harvey 9.23%, became the first man who win the best soccer athletes with three successive years.

I sit before the TV and follow the newest vote until end. I feel very nervous during that process, but really excited after I know Messi win. I think Messi is the best and cool all the time in my heart, still I know C Ronaldo and Harvey also good.

Actually, those sports athletes are really work hard, and they usually suffer from big hurt, some may have rest for several months, but some may not come to the football pitch forever. We can’t understand how much efforts and time they need to pay, but we should know that any athletes got any awards that were their necessary.

Waiting for your next wonderful match.

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Mavericks Recall Yi Jianlian from NBDL

The Dallas Mavericks have recalled 7-foot forward Yi Jianlian from their D-League team. According to the team’s arrangement, Yi Jianlian will join the team for their game to against the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday night.

On last Friday, Yi Jianlian signed a free agent contract with the Mavericks. Yi Jianlian won averaged 23 points, 12 rebounds and two blocks in two games with the Legends.

In the 2007 NBA draft, Yi was picked sixty by Milwaukee, and became a free basketball player after 2010-11. He has played for four teams, including Bucks (2007-08), New Jersey (2008-10) and Washington (2010-11), in the 242 NBA games, he has averaged 8.5 points, 5.3 rebounds. In 2009-10, he has best NBA season, averaged 12 points and 7.2 rebounds

Yi has no try with new NBA season. With a firm confidence in the pursuit of dreams, and the thirst for playing ball, we believe he must have good performance.

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